Is Minnesota K-9 Detectives the solution to your problems?

    Why you should consider a Bed Bug dog:
  • Accurate and fast - Bed bug dogs provide accurate and fast results; lessen invasive searches and reduce remediation efforts.
  • Cutting-edge - The latest development in bed bug inspection, a properly trained and certified detection dog is recognized in court as a "scientific instrument" (U.S. 9th Circuit court of Appeals).
  • Trustworthy - Detection dogs have been used for decades by military and law enforcement agencies and have a proven track record of successful detection.
  • Hard working - Bed bug dogs can work for up to six hours a day.
  • Honesty - Dogs work to please and are motivated through love and food and not by profits.
  • Peace of mind - With a scientifically proven 98% success rate (University of Florida-Gainesville), you can rest easier if the dog doesn't find bed bugs and know your money will be well spent if it does.

Minnesota K-9 Detectives is part of that solution.

In research performed by the University of Florida, trained canines averaged a 98% accuracy rate in detecting the odor of live bed bugs and viable eggs in a controlled hotel room experiment.

Human visual inspections are estimated to be up to 30% accurate. Bed Bugs hide everywhere. Under mattresses, headboards, nightstands, behind pictures and even your average TV remote control. A trained pest control technician would have to completely dismantle a room in order to do a thorough and detailed inspection.

Minnesota K-9 Detectives searches an average sized room in 3-4 minutes, pinpointing areas of possible infestations. This will save our customers not only time and money but peace of mind. Through our accurate and detailed approach we can find the Bed Bugs hiding place and target those areas specifically. Why go through months of anxiety and stress by disposing of valuable personal belongings when an inspection with “Tanner” can get you back to your normal life.

Minnesota K-9 Detectives is your solution.