Minnesota K-9 Detective Pricing

Residential Inspection Pricing:

$150 residential inspections within the twin cities metro area.

Commercial Inspection Pricing:

Please call or email to receive commercial property inspection rates.

Pre-Inspection Checklist:

Pre-inspection General Checklist PDF download

The following is a Pre-Inspection checklist list prior to the arrival of the Canine Bedbug Detector (BDC). Please be advised that upon arrival, this checklist will be reviewed again. Please Note:

The BDC will not be able to inspect any areas that have been chemically treated by a Pest Control Company within 30 days. If the areas where heat treated the BDC will be able to inspect that area within 24 hours.

1. The canine handler will first assess the area to be searched.

2. Any pets and litter boxes will need to be removed to an area not involved in the search.

3. Pet toys, pet food, water, food items, prescription and non prescription medications need to be non-accessible to the Canine Bedbug Detector (BDC).

4. Noise and human distraction must be minimized to create the most effective search environment for the BDC.

5. Air conditions/heater/ceiling fans need to be turned off 20 minutes prior to BDC arrival. Windows need to closed.

6. Extinguish all smoking materials within the home 2 hours prior to in-house inspection. Including any odor products such as plug ins.

7. Under these conditions the BDC will perform to its highest accuracy rate.

In order for the Canine Bedbug Detector to focus on his job, we ask that any socializing with the BCD must wait until after the search is complete.