Minnesota K-9 Detective Services

Reactive Inspection Service:

In order to determine the scope of an infestations it is very important that the inspection be thorough and detailed. Our specially trained dog will be able to perform that service with a 92% accuracy rate.

We will be able to pinpoint areas and rooms of possible infestations, therefore making targeted treatments by a Pest Control Technician most effective.

Time is of the essence. Bed bugs can spread quickly if left unresolved and can become very costly to control and eliminate completely.

If your property was treated by a Pest Control Technician, we can help verify that all of the live bed bugs and viable eggs have been eliminated.

Depending on the method used, our specially trained dog would be able to perform an inspection the day after a heat treatment or 3 weeks after a chemical treatment.

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Proactive Inspection Service:

We can develop a customized approach by either performing inspections as needed or on a recurring basis.

Bed bugs are difficult to detect and unless a complaint has been made can become widespread very quickly. Our specially trained dog can eliminate such a complaint by performing routine inspections of your property throughout the year.

A detailed report of the inspection will be made available and will show that you have made the best possible effort to ensure the health and safety of you customers. Our service is confidential and discrete.